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The Moanin' Frogs

The Moanin' Frogs

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 | 7:00 p.m.

Reserved seats $20 Adult / $10 Youth

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As you know, names can sometimes be deceiving—so true for The Moanin' Frogs. A perfect blend of expertise, charm and entertainment, this sextet showcases saxophones, from soprano to bass and every size in between. The musicians will explain why they chose to call themselves by such a silly moniker, and we guarantee their sound is nothing like bullfrogs bellowing out in the swamp. Performing Pop Hits to Classics and Jazz, an evening with the Frogs includes creative choreography and spirited arrangements that keep audiences smiling and on the edge of their seats. Saxophonist Dave Koz said, "So much fun to watch and listen to ... I was completely blown away!"


Sponsored in part by the generosity of: Bill & Linda Bauer, Gosse Chiropractic, Carol & Steve Hemersbach, and Wise Mind Mental Health Clinic

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