LuCille Tack Center for the Arts - 2022-2023 Season


Do you remember your first experience with creative expression? Was it when you first heard a singer's emotion expressed through song, sensed the awe-filled beauty of a painting, or realized similarities in your life to the characters in a play? Each of us has memories such as these embedded in our soul. Whether or not we take time to consider their influence, they are continually impacting our lives and how we perceive the world around us.

At the Tack, our mission remains: to enlighten, enrich and encourage artistic growth for community members of all ages. We endeavor to achieve this mission by offering creative experiences that cover a wide range of genres, with something for nearly EVERYONE! This season, we'll offer musical tributes to the 70s and Broadway, cultural originality from Belgium, family-entertainment and a home-grown holiday special never-before-seen in our corner of the state. A variety of visual artwork on display in the Gallery and opportunities to be personally creative are available, as well. We hope you'll take this opportunity to pick up tickets for something you can't wait to see and perhaps take a chance on a potentially new experience. You'll never know you like something until you try it for yourself! Check it out on our website before you buy and remember that all fees are included in the ticket price!

At the Tack, we look forward to making memories with you, your friends and family. Do you remember your first memory of the Arts?

We do, and we believe that you do, too!
~ LTCA Board of Directors