We've heard it many times: This too shall pass! Certainly, the invisible enemy in our midst is wreaking havoc with our lives, our ability to gather as a community and our economy. It appears most likely that life as we once knew it will never be the same.

Still, we've all come to realize that without the uplifting and restorative power of the Arts, our daily interactions would be dismal and colorless. While living through a pandemic and discovering that watching from a computer or phone screen is better than nothing, it is NOT a live performance experienced with others who share your delight and energy. The bottom line – it is NOT the same!

Having experienced the reality of a pandemic and the accompanying restrictions, let's look forward to when you and your friends can once again come together to laugh, be inspired and amazed by the exceptional talents of local, national and international performers and artists. On the outside, it may look a bit different. When you actually take your seat in the theatre, however, we are confident you will find it to be worth the wait. At the end of the tunnel, the Tack will be the light waiting to welcome you back, stronger and more resilient than ever. Until that moment, stay healthy and remember: This too shall pass. Back at the Tack, it's "On With the Show!"

LTCA Board of Directors

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