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Small Town Charm, Big City Experiences

Way back in 1994, LuCille Tack, a long-time resident of the Village of Spencer (WI) left behind a generous sum to build a fine arts center. With LuCille’s bequest to the local school district and additional funds from the community, an intimate 500-seat theatre was lovingly designed and carefully built by people who had no experience with this sort of project but who very much wanted it to be a success.

This special venue is overseen by a passionate board of directors, a dedicated band of volunteers and one part-time employee, all of whom strive to bring the creative and uplifting benefits of the Arts to those who live and work in Central Wisconsin.

For nearly a quarter century, an eclectic mix of genres–music, drama, comedy and cultures–have found their way to this bump in the road on Highway 13. Thousands of folks, from school children to nonagenarians, have gathered to experience a wide range of emotions and thought-provoking encounters that continue to affect their daily lives long after departing this little gem of a theater.

What makes an event at the Tack so noteworthy? Affordable prices and an easy-to-navigate website or a kind human being at the ticket office make purchasing seats seem almost effortless. Convenient and plentiful free parking, accessible and enhanced seating (use your T-coil in our hearing loop), dozens of friendly, small-town volunteers to usher you in and point you in the right direction, a lack of pretense and an abundance of smiles all combine to provide a pleasurable experience from start to finish. And did we mention that no seat is further than 50 feet from the stage? There are no obstructed views, and the acoustics are fantastic!

The Tack may be unassuming. It may be in the far corner of a county purported to have more cows than people, but it takes pride in being a place that has something inspiring, enriching and, quite possibly, just plain fun for everyone. Whether wearing blue jeans or your Sunday best, we encourage you to head up the road, around the corner or across the backyard and join us... at the Tack... in Spencer, Wisconsin.

LTCA Board of Directors

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