LuCille Tack Center for the Arts - 2024-2025 Season


Whether this is your first show at the Tack or your hundredth, we've got some advance information you may find helpful.

Where are my tickets?

WILL CALL Tickets: If you have purchased tickets in advance and are picking them up at the door, look for the WILL CALL sign on the wall above the ticket counter with an arrow directing you to the table INSIDE the gallery doors. You can bypass the ticket counter where others may be purchasing tickets.

Print at Home e-Tickets: If you opted to print your tickets at home, THANK YOU! You saved the Tack resources and help keep our ticket costs lower. If you have a smart phone, our ticket scanners can also read the ticket's QR code on your phone.

If you'd like to learn how to do this for future shows, ask an usher to point you toward someone who knows the procedure and they can show you how it's done.

Will you send me a reminder about each show?

Pre-show Welcome Email: Ticket purchasers will receive an email message 24 hours prior to show time with additional details related to the performance and other pertinent information. Please watch your inbox and share the message with others in your party.

Can I take pictures?

Cameras: Generally, contract agreements with performers prohibit the use of phones, cameras and other recording devices during a performance. However, with the artist's permission, our staff photographer may click a few shots for posterity and our Facebook.

Is it okay to arrive late?

Latecomers: Late arrivals will be seated at the House Manager's discretion to allow a distraction-free performance for both performers and audience.

Will there be merchandise available for this show?

Merchandise: Performers may offer merchandise for sale and your pre-show email will have specifics, if available.

First time at the Tack, who can help?

First Timers: Welcome! If you have any questions or are unsure about something, reach out to anyone with a name badge. The Tack's volunteers are eager to help you feel a part of our arts and entertainment-loving community!

Where do I park?

Parking: The large lot to the north has an abundance of free parking. Drop off passengers with physical challenges at the circle drive doors and then move to the parking lot. Parking on the circle drive is not allowed.

Is there an intermission?

Intermission: The Tack's legendary intermission hospitality has returned! Head to the HS Commons, down the hall to the left as you exit the gallery. Spencer Woman's Club appreciates your generous free-will donation, as it assists them in their service projects. Thank you for remembering that food and beverages must be consumed before returning to the gallery and theatre.

What accessibility features does the Tack have?

Accessibility: LTCA is fully accessible. Ushers will assist you with storing walkers and wheelchairs after you've been seated. If you use an assistive hearing device and are seated in the center section, turn on your T-coil to connect directly to our sound system. Headsets are available from the House Manager.

Where can I put my coat?

Coat Check: Coat racks are available in the hallway between the Gallery and the high school. Be aware that the ventilation system will be running at a higher level, so you may feel a bit of a chill in the air and find your coat to be of use during the performance.

What if the show is canceled?

Canceled or Rescheduled Performance: If a performance must be canceled, the LTCA will make every attempt to contact all ticket buyers by email or phone message. In addition, our social media, website and ticket office phone will also have the most up-to-date information. In most cases, the performance will be rescheduled for a future date with all previous tickets still valid.


Ticket Policies: Ticket sales are final, and exchanges and refunds will not be issued. If you are unable to use a ticket for a Tack event, please consider donating it back to our nonprofit organization at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled performance. Upon request, a receipt detailing your tax-deductible donation will be issued. Misplaced your tickets? Just give the Tack Ticket Office a call at 715-659-4499

Does my little one need a ticket?

Children at the Tack: Fire Codes require ALL audience members (even those of lap-sitting size) to have a ticket.

Questions? Call us at 715-659-4499 Email us at [email protected]

Visit us at 400 N School Street, Spencer from 11 am-2 pm on Wednesdays September – April. Use Door #22.